Living & Working Here - Climate

The climate in this area is quite moderate.  Seasonal average temperatures are 51 degrees in the winter, 66 degrees in the spring, 80 degrees in the summer and 67 degrees in the autumn.  Summer days usually see afternoon rain showers that primarily account for an average rainfall of 49.7 inches each year.  Temperatures in the winter are mild and snowfall is rare.  Overall, the temperate climate allows for participation in outdoor activities year round, as well as an extended growing season of almost eleven months each year. Subtropical breezes provide for an ideal year-round climate. 
We are fortunate because the physical geography of the Atlantic Coastal areas influences where hurricane and tropical storms will make landfall.  Due to the North/South orientation of the coastline, a storm must be moving due west in the Atlantic to hit directly and move inland.  This is an unusual path for storms.  They will more likely brush the Outer Banks of North Carolina where it protrudes out into the Atlantic.


  • Come enjoy our beautiful weather 
  • Year-round recreation available 
  • Snow Tires not required
  • Long Gardening and flora season
  • Outdoor activities are seldom hampered 
  • A climate suitable for everyone 
Kilkenny Dock with Boat
Great weather for fishing or boating.
Black Creek Golf Course
    Year-round Golfing Seasons.
Did you know?
  • We have virtually no snow.
  • More people are moving to the coastal areas
  • Living and Working in Bryan County is great!